Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY Studded Clutch

I'm going to share one last post before I start getting ready for the circus lol. And that is my custom made clutch!! It actually could have turned out a lot better than it did but I was lazy and didn't change out the needle in my sewing machine to use a thicker one and I wanted to do a slanted flip cover thingy but you can't really see it that well in the picture.. The picture does NOT do it justice.. It actually looks better in person lol. but whatev its still cute. I think at least!

I got the idea off a picture I saw in a mag. Then I saw it on pinterest and decided I can do that!! So I did. I actually used a cardboard box measured and cut and then traced it on to my wannabe leather that I had got at Joann's when I lived in Columbus, GA a few months ago.

It looked like this.
Then, I sewed the sides closed and because my machine was not cooperating with me and made the lines a bit crooked that is when I decided I had to brain storm and think of how to make it somewhat cute. So I went with the slanted cover thingy.. 

Then I added 1 inch bronze studs and I tried to make it so that the slant was more present which it is in person but for some reason the angle of this pic didn't capture it. Anyways, here it is. I Will probably be making another one like this but I will DEFINITELY add an inside fabric and DEFINITELY use a thicker needle so that it doesn't get stuck like it did on my sewing machine..

Here is another one I had made from clear Vinyl, before I did the black one, as a folder for my papers for school. But it is definitely wearable as a clutch also!! 

whoops, I didn't see my dirty shoes and mess in the background.. I actually made those too. I'll show a tutorial later on how to DIY Stud your shoes (: But for now I'm late so I gotta go!! Thanks for following! & don't forget, if you want to try this out let me know! I'll be more specific about everything I did and can walk you through it step by step!! Thanks!

xoxo, Yessenia

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