Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY custom bows

So, I am really excited today.. I am going to go to the Barnum and Bailey Ringling Brother Circus!! In my opinion it is hands down the best one!!! I am going to go with my girl friend Wisdom.. I can't wait!! But anyway, I decided that I wanted to dress for the theme. I was going to dress like a clown but a cute clown. So I began brain storming and decided to make myself a cute bow to go with my costume.
That was me 2 years ago.. I scarred a few kids that year (: but this is my costume accept this time I'm going to wear a white shirt that I have doodled on and studded. BTW I stud EVERYTHING. I am obsessed! 

So I made some bows with my handy new sewing machine I got from my amazing mother in law for xmas/ my birthday. (my birthday is on Christmas Eve & yes it sucks!)

Here is my process:

I used Sharpie's new stained markers and stained the fabric before I sewed the middle pieced to the bow. Then, I added the studs and done! I wanted to have to random black and white bows because clowns are random right! But I also wanted to be able to use these bows any other time.. Well I am happy with how they turned out.. If you'd like further details on how I make my bows and what not, let me know!!

xoxo, Yessenia! 

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