Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY Thrift Store Trunk

Well since it is a new day and I can't sleep, like always, I wanted to share an extreme but totally rad transformation that I made to a thrift store trunk!

From this.

to that!!!!! 

Basically, what I did was found about 16-18 different scrapbook paper designs I liked. Then I perfectly cut them out in 6 x 6 inch squares, later I had to measure out and cut those squares to fit in different areas as you can see. Finally, I mod podged away!! I used the gloss kind because I wanted my treasure trunk to have a shiny look, but if you decide to make this feel free to use which ever finish you like, matte or gloss. I did use an extra gloss sealer over the top of the mod podge once it was completely dry. I was planning on using it as my coffee table so I wanted it to be able to withhold & it did!!! 

So, that is my trunkey!!! The best of all, I made this project with 30 dollars!!!! wahoo!! If you decide to make one or have any questions on how to make one let me know!!! I'd gladly explain further details and show you more pictures of mine!! Have a blessed day!

xoxo, Yessenia

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  1. What did you attach the paper with? School glue?