Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY Wood letters

Since I just created this blog today ( the book I mentioned earlier inspired me to create the blog) I feel that I need to add a few things. Luckily, I have taken pictures of past projects. Yay for me!! So, here is another simple and easy one. The DIY wood letters. I know I know, everyone probably already knows how to do this... but there is always the chance that someone does not. So, this is what my wood letters turned out to look like...
And that is Monster (my cracked out cat) modeling for me above.

- wooden letters ( I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
- scrapbook paper
- mod podge
- scissors
- pencil
- paint brush
- colored paint

This is the time to get your sheets of scrapbook paper ( if your letters are as big as mine were, it will take an entire page for a single letter) and pencil. Lay the individual wooden letter on the scrap book paper and trace. It is important to trace with your pencil directly on the front of the paper (the side that will be showing) otherwise you will end up with a backwards letter and will just have to redo it. Yes, guilty of that mistake that is why I am telling you. Don't worry though, because it is pencil you won't be able to notice it when you are finished. 

Next, cut out what you traced. If you want the paint on the sides to show a bit I would cut the letters under or inside the pencil mark, it won't really be noticeable if the lines aren't perfect because the paint is there to cover it. & it looks cute when it kind of comes out anyways..

Now, we can begin to paint the sides of the letter. You kind of have to hold it on the middle while you paint but don't worry about getting paint on the front or the back.. The front will be covered by your design and the back.. well who looks at the back anyway right? If you're not the greatest at cutting like me, then I advise you to paint most of the front like I did. Any errors you made while cutting will be magically unnoticed whoop whoop!  Because I was in a one bedroom apartment at the time, I had no room for anything. So, I used the counter to paint. If your space is limited like mine, you'll want to tape down strips of wax paper! It works the best. 

Once the paint is completely dry, you can start mod podging down the paper onto the wood letters. Make sure you mod podge the paper onto the wood first and wait until it completely dries before you apply a coat over the top. You don't want to rip your paper! I added 2 coats of glossy mod podge to the tops and even to the sides of the letters! It made my paint and paper really pop!
And.... TADA!! you have cutsie wooden letters to display!!! Notice the red is showing a bit on the bottom curves of the Y.. It almost gives it a 3D effect because the red is showing.. thats the outcome of cutting under or inside the traced pencil line.

Thanks for stopping by!!!! Oh and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to message or comment! I'd be glad to help!!! 


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