Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY Cork Board

So, like the good student that I am.. I was reading a required book called, "My Reality Check Bounced" by Jason Dorsey (great book BTW) and it got me really pumped and exited for my future career goals and dreams and so fourth. So, I decided that the only way to motivate me to study everyday and be able to finish my last semester of college with a BAM was to make an inspirational board. And thats what I did.

This was such an easy project that literally anyone can do. It also works to convert a boring office space into something a bit more sassy. Mine turned out a bit bold but it gives the room a new energy.

From this.
To that!

- old or new cork board with a border
- Mod Podge
- old magazine scraps
- brush
- left over paint

Big difference huh?! Obviously, you can choose to use whichever color of paint that works with your room and also, you could even try using colored paper instead of the magazine scrap approach that I did. Have fun with it!!
I still need to add more inspiration to the board. I made those bows yesterday also! Arn't they fab!!

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